George Petrides is a mental health advocate and creator of the video interview series Bipolar Perspectives.

Both on the web and in person, George shares his story to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and to support others in their management of bipolar disorder. He is now scheduling gratis public appearances to raise money for mental health non-profits. His most recent speaking engagement at Fountain House set new fundraising records for the organization.

Our Interviews

Part 1: Lorna Hyde Graev

Part 2: George Petrides

Part 3: Maria

Part 4: Dr. Robert Cancro

Bipolar Perspectives featured on A2A Spotlight

George Petrides and Bipolar Perspectives were recently featured on the A2A Spotlight. These radio interviews, produced by Jeff Bell of KCBS San Francisco, highlight individuals who have used adversity as a catalyst for advocacy. We’re so proud to have George share his story with listeners of KCBS and other CBS affiliates.

You can listen to the story online at the A2A Alliance website.

Eastern Treatments

While there is much to appreciate about Western medicine’s treatment of BP with medication and psychotherapy, I believe that it is worth exploring alternative or Eastern therapies as well. These may help a person reduce his or her reliance on medication or simply add to an overall sense of well-being and health.

Here I have gathered some information to serve as a resource for others seeking to add Eastern therapies to their own routines.

Meditation and BPAyurveda and BP
Acupuncture and BPYoga and BP
Traditional Chinese Medicine and BP

Western Treatments

Medications and psychotherapy are the most commonly prescribed Western treatments for people suffering from bipolar disorder. Research indicates that people who take medications for bipolar disorder are more likely to get better faster and stay well if they also receive therapy.

We have collected information about these common Western treatments, as well as some other lesser-known treatment possibilities.

Talk Therapy and BPMedication and BP
Supplements and BPSleep Hygiene and BP
Light Therapy and BPDevice Therapy for BP
Diagnostic Tools for BP

Our Favorite Movies

Already watched our interviews and eager for more? While there are many bibliographies of books on bipolar, film lists are harder to find, so we’ve put together this collection of recommended movies, including both documentaries and narrative films. Continue reading “Our Favorite Movies”