Over and Under Sleep

I wanted to explain why the sleep hygiene portion of my routine is so important. Both undersleep and oversleep can be hugely problematic.


  • Well, this is a great way to induce mania.
  • And it is a data point OF mania.


  • Is it cause or effect?
  • It’s clear to me that when I start to get depressed – start to float down into a semi-depressed state – that I want to sleep more.
  • But is the opposite also true? When I let myself oversleep, does it induce some of the features of depression? I think, yes.
  • But it is a balancing act. Yesterday I gave myself the day off after working for some 10 days straight, including Presidents Day weekend.  During the day I took a nap – it was delicious and I felt I had caught up on any sleep deficit.  Then later in the day, I felt calmer and more peaceful than ever.

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