Is Bipolar Disorder a Gift?

Well, that is a question. There’s so much debate about this in the BP community, and I like hearing what others have to say about it.

Someone like my friend Paul calls it a gift.  Paul is what we call a a creative person and in his case that means that  he can write and direct and edit a movie himself. Does BP make him more creative? Did he see things in his mania that he then took as raw material to make a movie. Well, literally yes.

And yet I find it hard to agree with this view of BP.

Is it a gift for a child to not have enough food and possibly die? A gift to whom? The child? The mother? They certainly don’t think so at the time. Is it a gift in that it deepens the character of the child and those around him? It probably does deepen character, to undergo struggle and to understand life differently, but I still have a hard time thinking of this as a gift.

I tend to think of it instead as simply something that is rather than a gift or a burden. I explain this more in the mission statement. I’m curious to see if others agree, though; feel free to address this in the comments section.

One thought on “Is Bipolar Disorder a Gift?

  1. A gift? Maybe not. But I do like to think I experience life “more fully” than someone who doesn’t know the highs and the lows. But… honestly, if this is a gift, I would want to give it back!

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