• The short of it is, I’ll try anything and everything that might address BP symptoms. The benefit of Japanese acupuncture may be that it helps in a way that the rest of my regimen isn’t addressing.
  • The costs are well, dollar cost, which adds up, and time, and not much else.
  • I first started working with acupuncture “by accident;” my girlfriend at the time, TA, had sent me to some healers she went to, who did acupressure, crystals and other new agey things that I barely recall. I found the people well-intended, but it didn’t really work for me. I had a simple thought: rather than acupressure, why not go for the real thing – needles?
  • So I got some references from one of the best acupuncturists/ healers in NYC, Abdi Assadi. He introduced me to Mary Anne Willoughby.
  • She said this: “When I first started working with you, you were scattered. There was one session where you were jumping around and your eyes were everywhere.  You had told me you had BP, and that didn’t enter into my work per se; rather I saw the symptoms of it…So i started working with you, weekly, including emphasis on the liver. The themes have been gathering up, weaving together. And now you are the calmest I’ve seen you.”