George Petrides honored by Fountain House

Congratulations to Bipolar Perspectives creator George Petrides on receiving this year’s Associates Advocacy Award from Fountain House! George received a standing ovation for his speech, and the event raised a record-breaking amount, approximately $400,000, for Fountain House.

Read more about Fountain House and the important work they do for those with mental illness.

See more details of the event below:

2017 Fountain House Fall Fête, 10th Anniversary

Fountain House Fall Fete
©Patrick McMullan== Photo – Owen Hoffmann/ PMC

George Petrides

Headshot_GeorgePetridesWe are pleased to honor George Petrides with the Associates Advocacy Award at this year’s Fall Fete for his work helping people affected by mental illness, both those affected directly as well as their friends and family.  He has successfully managed a condition known as Bipolar II for most of his life and shares his story in person and on the web (at

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and both an MBA and an MA from Stanford University, George worked as an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He has held positions at several major firms and for the last five years has had his own M&A boutique. He has achieved many things in his life, however, he considers regaining his health in the face of a potentially debilitating condition to be one of his greatest achievements.  At this stage in his life, he has decided to “come out” with the goal of helping others, just as many people helped him when he was regaining his health.  He considers Fountain House to be a wonderful community that provides the kind of support that he was able to receive from family and friends and without which he would not have succeeded.